Marcia C. Hubbard
Founder and President

General Information

VOICE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides assistance to homeless individuals and veterans in need in Hickory and the Catawba Valley. 
VOICE began in Hickory in 2019 to offer a helping hand while working with other agencies. Through either client referrals, Stand Down for Veterans, or calling the NC 211 number, new shoes are provided to homeless individuals and veterans in need. We also provide work boots and slip-resistant shoes needed for employment.
The new shoes we give provide self-esteem, health benefits, and enable jobs. One pair of shoes is sometimes all it takes to change a life. Members also make sleeping mats, sleeping bags, ponchos, and pillows by recycling of plastic bags. These are also given to individuals who are homeless. In our mission, we strive to help in every way. By helping the people and our environment.

Board of Directors

Stacy Gibson
Lauren Hall
Dawud Hughes
Marcia Hubbard


How VOICE Started

In 1998 while a student at Wilkes College, I had an English assignment to write about the feasibility of something. I came up with the idea of VOICE to get fellow students involved with volunteering within the community. I did the research and the VOICE CLUB was approved by the Activities Director and Dean to be an active Club at WCC. Recognition was given from then Governor Hunt and awards given at the John A. Walker Center.
In December 2019, I re-vamped VOICE for Hickory and Catawba County, to offer assistance to Veterans and people who are homeless. Through my volunteer work I felt I had to do more. I had a desire to bring people together for sharing God's love to people who lacked the bare necessities often required just to survive the elements.

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In memory and honor to VOICE, Founder & President’s brother Marty Thomas Combs who served in the Army during Desert Storm. He suffered from PTSD in silence and unfortunately committed suicide. It is our hope to bring Awareness and Resources to Veterans. I will continue to be a VOICE for YOU!

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God is Love

If this was truly understood there would be no homeless. VOICE is a 501c3 non-profit club helping to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness and Veterans in need. Through partnerships with other agencies we take referrals of clients. We provide new shoes and sleeping mats made from recycling of plastic bags. Assistance provided to Catawba County.


Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone who takes the time to help and make a difference by bringing the most basic need of new shoes to those who are homeless and veterans in need. Thank You! To the kind, caring people of Catawba County for continuing to support our mission.
Thank You! To All our Valued Partnerships and Sponsors!


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