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VOICE Events Outreach Ministry

Hickory Soup Kitchen Distribution
Stand Down for Veterans

Funded Partners
Catawba County United Way
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Community Partners

  • Catawba County United Way
  • Hickory Daily Record
  • Brown's Storage and Rentals
  • Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans
  • Women's Resource Center
  • Foot Solutions Hickory
  • Hickory Soup kitchen
  • Safe Harbor
  • Exodus Homes
  • Salvation Army Shelter
  • Strong Life Rescue Mission
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Exodus Homes

"Exodus Homes is deeply grateful for how V.O.I.C.E helps our new residents with shoes. Many come from treatment with shoes that don't fit, are already worn out or just "sliders" you get in jail or prison. A pair of new shoes boosts their self esteem and helps them be employable. We don't know what we would do without them."

Susan Smith

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Brown's Storage and Rentals

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Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans

Foot Solutions Partnering with VOICE

Community Sponsors

  • Lowes Foods of Belle Hollow
  • Lowes Foods, Viewmont
  • Food Lion, Taylorsville, N.C.
  • Food Lion, Mountain View
  • Sheetz #621
  • Sheetz #602
  • Dollar General, main Taylorsville
  • Dollar General, Viewmont
  • Dollar General, 16th St., Hickory
  • Pet Supplies Plus, Viewmont
  • Bethlehem Lions Club
  • Hickory Museum of Art
  • Lowe's Home Improvement, Hickory
  • Custom Changes Inc.
  • Martin Starnes and Associates, CPA, P.A.
  • Hickory Chair
  • Publix Grocery, Viewmont
  • Alexander County Library
  • YMCA of Catawba Valley
  • Hillbilly Hemp, Taylorsville
  • St. Andrews Lutheran Church
  • Highland Baptist Church
  • WHKY
  • WFMY 95.7 "The Ride"
  • Lenoir Rhyne University
  • Shoe Carnival, Hickory
  • Food Lion, Longview
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Hickory Museum of Art

"I had the pleasure of working with Marcia Hubbard and Dawud Hughes and many VOICE members when Hickory Museum of Art partnered with VOICE on an exhibition. VOICE is an amazing organization that serves our Veterans and people in our community experiencing homelessness with dignity and compassion. During a reception for the VOICE exhibition, several community partners shared inspiring stories of VOICE at work, solidifying what I had already come to witness first-hand… VOICE has heart!"

Kristina Anthony
Exhibitions Manager

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Lowe's Grocery in Viewmont

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Bethlehem Lions Club

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Martin Starnes and Associates, CPA, P.A.

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Pet Supplies Plus in Viewmont

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Food Lion, Taylorsville

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HillBilly Hemp

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Alexander County Library

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Food Lion, Longview

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Custom Changes Inc, Hickory

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Lowes Home Improvement, Hickory

Our Sponsors 

We appreciate each of our sponsors for supporting VOICE!


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