Services Provided

Below are our services that we provide here at VOICE.
Mobile Outreach Program

Delivery to either street homeless, shelter residents, or veterans in need of new shoes and socks. Work boots and slip-resistant shoes are also provided for employment. Sleeping mats or bags (made from recycled plastic bags) are also provided to people who are street homeless.

Circle Linkup

Referrals are received from other agencies for our services. Based on individual clients needs. Community resources are given.

Healing Art Outreach Project

Art supplies are given as part of therapeutic stress management and to inspire creativity.


24/7 phone number for anyone who is homeless or a veteran to call and have someone listen and talk during critical situations. Additionally, clients call with a variety of requests, including needs for food, furniture, clothing, shelter, and shoes. VOICE works in partnership with area agencies and ministries to meet clients needs.

Deborah’s Shoes

This program will be specifically for individuals with toe or partial foot amputations, diabetics, and/or those with mobility issues: people who will benefit from and are in need of specialty shoes, including those who may need the shoes customized with toe fillers and/or insoles. Service for those lacking resources, insurance and money to obtain otherwise.

Ken Cares

In memory of our friend Ken Stewart, housing manager Salvation Army Shelter of Hope. This program is focused on transitional assistance for people facing homelessness who lack a support basis. The applicants for this program will have to meet criteria focused on taking necessary steps to improve current situations.

Veterans In Partnership

This program provides supportive care for Veterans to ensure he/she doesn’t feel isolated or alone. It is a VOICE volunteer duties to help Veteran feel valued, loved and cared about.
Volunteer will assist when needed with the following:
Transportation to Dr. Visits
Grocery shopping Supportive for Mental Crisis-link up to resources and wellness check ins Veteran has volunteer phone number to contact
Supportive liaison for Veterans Services & Resources. 


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